Green Bremerhaven

Parks, dikes and much more invite you to relax.

In addition to many water areas, the lakeside city also has numerous green recreational areas that invite you to take a deep breath, stroll, unwind or be active.

Public Park

The Public Park Bremerhaven offers natural deciduous forests, ponds, watercourses, varied recreational opportunities and a small animal enclosure.

Fitness and Wellness Park Speckebüttel

As a health park, the park features the All of the Healing Trees, a barefoot path, motor skills park, fitness trail, beautiful green spaces, boating pond and much more.

Sculpture Park of Thiele

Fairytale park idyll with old trees, exotic plants, ponds and sculptures of the artist trio.


Largest nature reserve in the state of Bremen with water buffalo, Galloway cattle and resting and breeding place for thousands of birds.

Oxygen path Grünhöfe

The 1.8-kilometer oxygen trail runs along 2,000 trees and large shrubs.

Flyer Der Sauerstoffpfad Grünhöfe(PDF 373.5 KB)Logo der Creative Commons Lizenz »Public Domain Mark 1.0 - Kein Urheberrechtsschutz« (CC PD 1.0) (German version)

Park Reinkenheide

The park is an oasis of peace and offers beautiful resting places by ponds and watercourses surrounded by greenery.

Dike promenade

A walk along the long dikes, with the water on one side and the greenery on the other, and the wide sky above, gives you a feeling of freedom.

Surheide-Süd/Ahnthammsmoor landscape conservation area

The protected landscape area with urban forest, lake, moor, heath and open grassland invite you to walk and observe the flora and fauna.

Lake Erika

In the small recreation park bog experience trail, hammocks, barbecue area, motor activity stations and playground are waiting for their visitors.

Cycling and hiking tours

Whether along the dyke or on the river Geeste hiking trail or crisscrossing through the countryside, Bremerhaven offers numerous opportunities for cycling and hiking enthusiasts.