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Bremerhaven is associated with maritime, ships, harbors, dikes, fish and freedom. But also the handicraft has a long tradition in Bremerhaven. In the small businesses today, not only are lovers' pieces made from old sailcloth, you will also find a glass shipyard, a ceramics workshop, as well as other small individual businesses that produce delightful one-of-a-kind pieces from natural materials.

But you will also find manufactories on your forays through Bremerhaven. From coffee to fruit spread to fish marinades and fish specialties, as a souvenir or to feast on yourself, you will discover one or the other delicacy in Bremerhaven.


The most important meal of the day is breakfast. A lovingly roasted coffee from the coffee workshop Bohnengold and the fruit spread from the Elbe-Weser-Welten should not be missing. At lunchtime, it might be a fishcake from the Abelmann manufactory and in the evening fish specialties with the finest marinades from Julius Krause.


With a lot of love and know-how, specialties for connoisseurs and lovers of the special are produced in Bremerhaven. These are not infrequently unique specimens.


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