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Harbor Worlds Bremerhaven

The Seaside City is opening up a new chapter in its history. The Harbor Worlds Bremerhaven (Havenwelten Bremerhaven) are being built in the city at the River Weser dyke, a maritime tourism resort with unique attractions: Climate House® Bremerhaven 8º East, look-out platform SAIL City, "Mein Outlet & Shopping-Center", Lloyd Marina, living at the dyke.

Not to mention the successful German Emigration Center, the Zoo at the Sea, the German Maritime Museum, the submarine “Wilhelm Bauer” and the Historical Museum Bremerhaven.

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Museums & Adventure Worlds

German Emigration Center Bremerhaven

Waiting on the wharf, waving good-bye from the gangway, then the journey starts. For more than seven million emigrants, who left from Bremerhaven between 1830-1974 on their journey to the New World, this is the moment of departure. For the visitors of the German Emigration Center this is the start of their travel through 300 years of German migration history. Located on that very harbor where the emigrant ships departed you will now find the awarded theme museum in which vistors follow the...

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A polar bear swims under water.
Museums & Adventure Worlds

Zoo at the Sea

The visitors of the Zoo at the Sea get an impression of the habitat of polar bears, polar foxes, common seals, fur seals and penguins: bizarre, barren deserts of ice, colourful tundra landscapes framed by water and more water. Views to the river Weser frequently provide an impression of the immense vastness of the landscapes represented. Underwater views open entirely different dimensions: flying penguins, diving polar bears and majestically gliding seals. As a contrast to this, there are also...

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A research ship in the Arctic.
Museums & Adventure Worlds

German Maritime Museum

The German Maritime Museum / Leibniz Institute for Maritime History (DSM) in Bremerhaven has set itself the task of exploring the eventful relationship between man and sea and making it possible to experience it in exhibitions. The DSM is currently in a state of flux and combines a building renovation and the construction of a research depot with a comprehensive new concept for all exhibition and research areas. During this phase, which lasts until 2021, the building will nevertheless...

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Visitors climbing over a wooden footbridge
Museums & Adventure Worlds

Climate House® Bremerhaven 8° East

Take a trip round the world and experience the world’s climate zones: From the refreshing coolness on the alp in Switzerland, through the scorching heat of the Sahel to the iciness of the Antarctic as well as the heavenly climate of the South Seas and the unsettled weather in Northern Germany. On the “Journey” in the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost visitors can experience first hand how the people live in the Earth’s most important climate zones. The tour along the...

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Worker in the shipbuilding department
Museums & Adventure Worlds

Historical Museum Bremerhaven

Situated on the river Geeste, the award-winning Historisches Museum Bremerhaven presents history, art and culture of Bremerhaven and its region. In the exhibition halls of 3300sqm, visitors can make an exciting journey through time that reaches from the earliest traces of human beings in the Elbe-Weser-triangle to a cinema from the 1950ies. A complete historical shipyard with a shipbuilding place and a shipyard workers’ house, scenes from dock labour, a walk-in harbor pub, a...

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Interior view of a tourist information office.
Touristic & general Information

Tourist Information Bremerhaven

Tourist Tel: 0049 471 - 41 41 41 TicketTel: 0049 471 - 809 36 124 Tourist Information Hafeninsel H.-H.-Meier-Straße 6 27568 Bremerhaven Tel: 0049 471 - 809 36 120 Disability access City map extract Opening hours Till the 27th of March 2020 from 9.30 a.m. - 5 p.m. 28th March 2020 - 20th May 2020 from 9.30 a.m. - 6 p.m. 21st May 2020 - 13th September 2020 from...

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A sailing ship on a cruise, in the background a container terminal.

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Harbor area with marina and houses.

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Many historic ships lie in a harbor.

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People stand in a beach area, in the background a dyke promenade.

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