German Emigration Center Bremerhaven

Young and old on a journey through time - beyond the horizon and always in the direction of hope

1900, a sewing shop in New York. A young immigrant woman from Eastern Europe works at one of the machines, often for more than ten hours a day. Her young son is in the factory with her. 1973, an automobile factory in Cologne. A Turkish worker is worried about the livelihood of his family because of the poor salary. He has to change something... How do the two get to these places? What do they hope for, what do they dream of? How does it go on for them?

Their stories are two of many with which guests at the German Emigration Center Bremerhaven dive deep into the eras of German and European immigration and emigration. At Neuer Hafen, one of the most important historical emigration ports in Europe, visitors to the award-winning adventure museum embark on an interactive journey through impressive, faithfully reconstructed scenes from over 300 years ago. On the trail of moving, real biographies, they follow emigrants from Bremerhaven's quay to daily life in the New World and discover the history of the Federal Republic through the eyes of immigrants.

The barrier-free museum is a place for all the senses, for empathizing, thinking and discussing: Interactive multimedia stations and digital thinking spaces, exciting topics and touching biographies - told by those who experienced and preserved them - open up completely new perspectives on seemingly familiar things. Here, visitors even have the opportunity to search for their own emigrated ancestors in the family research and to rediscover a piece of their very own history.

The museum program with its varied special exhibitions and guided tours not only makes the hearts of big history fans beat faster: Little globetrotters can explore the rooms independently with the children's quiz or discover the secrets of the 3000 square meter exhibition area together on the family night hike.

After an eventful day, the museum restaurant "Speisesaal" awaits with coffee, cake and a mix of modern regional and international cuisine - and for those particularly hungry for history, regularly with a culinary journey through time.

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Deutsches Auswandererhaus® Bremerhaven

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- Small family ticket (1 adult with own children 5-16 years) € 35,00
- Group and school group price on request

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