Fishing experience

in the Seaside City of Bremerhaven

The multicultural fish cuisine

Bremerhaven is a diverse, international port city with connections all over the world and the center of the German fish and food industry with a fishing port full of traditions and stories.

What do you get when you throw these two ingredients into a cooking pot and mix them well? A multicultural fish cuisine. A fishing experience that tastes good. A culinary journey around the world.

12 Bremerhaveners from 12 nations have cooked their favorite fish recipes. In addition to the recipe booklet, the cooks are presented in 12 short videos in the fish cooking studio. Starting on December 16, the short videos will also be published in sequence on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram under "Experience Bremerhaven" in the coming months.

The recipe booklet as a special edition as part of the Bremerhavener Hefte can also be ordered online.

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Fish at it's best

A journey by presenter Younes El Idrissi through the fishing port in search of the best fishing experience. Seven short videos will be released in sequence over the coming months on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram under "Experience Bremerhaven". The campaign will start on December 7, 2021. 

In interview style, Stephan Gänshirt ("Gern ans Meer"), Justin Schmick ("Dock IV"), Andree Fiedler ("Fiedler Produktion"), Monka Stelzig ("Fiedler am Seedeich"), Wolfgang Hartmann ("Räucherei im Fischerdorf"), Jan-Henrik Fiedler ("Kutterfischer") and Mandy Fülle (Salondampfer "Hansa") provide information about their businesses and also allow rare glimpses behind the scenes.

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