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Did you know that in 2005, Bremen and Bremerhaven were awarded as the first German cities of science? The various museums, cultural, and recreational facilities stage the maritime history of the coastal city - each institution with its own special focus and charm. Knowledge is conveyed authentically and impressively. Experience the impact of migration on the city and let the fates of immigrants and emigrants affect you. Bremerhaven's museums allow both young and old visitors to participate in the history of navigation and shipbuilding. Take a look into the future of current polar and marine research, which is based here locally. Lovers of contemporary art will enjoy the city's galleries. Only one question remains: where to first?

German Emigration Center

An exciting journey through time for little globetrotters and big history enthusiasts.

Historical Museum Bremerhaven

Time travels on the coast.

Climate Experience Center Bremerhaven

Experience the heat of the Sahel zone and the pack ice from Antarctica during a visit to the Climate House® Bremerhaven.

German Maritime Museum

Dive into maritime history.

Zoo at the Sea with the North Sea Aquarium

Experience biodiversity up close.

Submarine "Wilhelm Bauer"

A unique technology museum.


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