General Information

Geographical Coordinates
of Bremerhaven-City Center:
53° 32’ 45’’ North Latitude
8° 34’ 48’’ East Longitude



Total area (incl. overseas port area) (Updated 01.01.2016) 101.53 km²
Area Bremerhaven (without overseas port area) 93.82 km²
Area Overseas Port Area 7.71 km²
Average elevation of Bremerhaven 2.6 m AMSL
Highest elevation in Bremerhaven (Debstedter Weg/Brunnenstraße) 11.4 m AMSL
Lowest point in Bremerhaven (without water surfaces) (Rohrniederung) -0.5 m AMSL
Highest elevation in Bremerhaven (artifical) (Deponie Grauer Wall) 28.5 m AMSL
Biggest expansion in north-south direction ca. 15.4 km
Largest expansion of Bremerhaven in east-west direction ca. 11.1 km
Zoning (incl. overseas port area) (Updated 01.01.2016)  
Buildings and enclosed areas 1,599 ha
Industrial and commercial zones 1,448 ha
Traffic zones 1,161 ha
Recreation zones 701 ha
Agricultural zones 1,847 ha
Forests 377 ha
Water 2,722 ha
Other zones 297 ha
Population (Updated 31.12.2015*)  
all 119,937
male 60,791
female 59,46

Twin Cities
Bremerhaven has six Twin Cities.

* Population size by local update (provisional figures)