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Bremerhaven is not only authentic, but also extraordinary. Due to its special location at the mouth of the Weser River, only a stone's throw away from the North Sea, with its numerous harbors, characterized by shipping and the fishing industry, Bremerhaven's special flair unfolds.

The maritime city scores with extraordinary architecture, such as the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost. Some say it looks like a cloud.

The whole spectrum of fish - from fishing to the manufacture and production of fish dishes to fresh plaice fillets in egg shells with delicious fried potatoes in a rustic atmosphere - can be experienced in Bremerhaven.

A beautiful contrast to the maritime blue tones along the dyke and the harbors are the numerous green spaces and parks, where not only locals find recreation.

But Bremerhaven also has plenty to offer in terms of crafts and music. Whether large open-air concerts on the dike or small cozy guitar evenings in the horse stable, from rock and pop to shanties, the music moves locals and tourists alike. The small manufactories produce honey, coffee, handbags, ceramic products and much more by hand. In some cases, you can even look over the shoulder during the production and take home a small souvenir for yourself or your friends at the end.

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