Nature Reserve Luneplate

Largest Nature Reserve in the State of Bremen open to the Public

On March 14th, 2015 the nature reserve area in the Bremerhaven Fishery Harbor covering almost 1.400 ha was placed under protection. Since 2010 the port authority bremenports has created ecological compensation areas for large construction projects such as Port Container Terminal 4 here. The Luneplate is characterized by marsh grasslands, mudflats and the tidal polder. The man-made flood areas are lower than the Weser high tide and is flooded twice daily. In addition the water buffaloes and the Galloway cows provide for an ideal habitat for various bird species. They keep the pasturelands trimmed and destroy plants, which could be dangerous for breeding and resting birds. During the winter the shallow water areas serve as a resting and sleeping environment for more than 10.000 birds.
Visitors can observe the wildlife undisturbed by using the circular paths and various observation facilities. Aside from the look out platform in the south of the Luneplate there is also an observation hideaway. Here one can come close to the birds without being discovered. Two visitor platforms, one at the former Lunesiel and another with a view of the wet grasslands as well as two info-pavilions located at the parking facilities round off this natural reserve. This area can only be explored by foot or by bicycle.

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Nature Reserve Luneplate

27572 Bremerhaven
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Directions North Entrance

Autobahn A27, exit Wulsdorf (AS9), turn onto the Bundesstraße B71N. Follow the street and go straight ahead over the traffic light intersection until you reach the next traffic light. Here you turn left onto the street „Am Luneort“. Follow the street and once again turn left onto the street „Am Seedeich“. The Deichplatform and the info-pavilion are located here.
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Look out platform is not barrier-free
The residual viewing points are accessible for the walking impaired and wheel chair users.

Directions East Entrance:

Autobahn A27, exit Bremerhaven Süd (South) (AS10), follow the street B6 und take a left onto Hauptstraße L121 in the direction of Ueterlande. Follow the street Raasenhamm until you reach Ueterlander Sielstraße. Travel further on the Alte Deichstraße and turn right into the street „Luneplate“. Parking facilities and an info-pavilion can be found on the right.
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