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In harmony with nature and landscape

Leave the car behind and explore Bremerhaven on foot. Do you prefer to cycle? Then you'll be spoilt for choice between shorter cycle paths or challenging long-distance cycle routes, such as the popular River Weser Cycle Route or the longest cycle path in the world, the North Sea Coast Cycle Route .

You can experience a car-free zone, peace, space, fascinating bird life and impressive water buffalo on the largest nature reserve in the state of Bremen on the Luneplate. Lake Erika and Lake Apel are oases for those seeking recreation and invite young and old to linger. Popular local recreation areas are the Public Park (Bürgerpark) and the Fitness and Wellness Park of Speckenbüttel(Gesundheitspark Speckenbüttel). The parks with lots of greenery and water are equally popular with walkers, joggers, boaters, trim trail athletes, playground romps, disc golfers, flower lovers, sun worshippers, recreation seekers, family day trippers and barbecue lovers. It gets fairytale-like in the Sculpture Park of Thiele. Even climbers get their money's worth when they visit the boulder hall.

A change of perspective is promised on trips with the harbor barges through the Overseas Harbors and the Fishery Harbor, excursion ships on the river Weser all the way to the container terminal, as well as with the speedy RIB boat. During the "mini-cruise" with the River Weser ferry, a regional bockwurst during the crossing is not to be missed.

Experience something in harmony with nature and landscape. Get close to nature and create great vacation memories with little effort.

Climate Experience Center Bremerhaven
The Climate Experience Center is committed to some of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations on September 25, 2015. The educational work and programs as well as the annual educational forum are in line with the concept of Education for Sustainable Development under the goal of "Quality Education". The item "Affordable and clean energy“ is incorporated in the building technology, which is continuously optimized. Electricity comes 100 percent from renewable sources. The "Responsible consumption and production" issue includes environmentally friendly recycled paper and measures to reduce paper consumption. Office supplies are sourced through certified vendors and organic coffee/tea products in the restaurants are from fair trade sources. At the annual aquatics congress, experts from industry, trade and science can exchange ideas about sustainably operated aquatics on the topic of "life under water". In the network of the European Zoo Association, Climate Experience Center Bremerhaven breeds highly endangered marine animals. In the area of "Life on Land", the center participates in the breeding program of the European Zoo Association in breeding experiments of the endangered stump crocodile and other endangered reptile species. "Partnerships to achieve the goals, Climate Experience Center Bremerhaven cooperates with international and national organizations, such as the UN Climate Secretariat and RENN.nord, the regional dissemination offices of the German Council for Sustainable Development. In 2017, the house was presented with the B.A.U.M. Sustainability Award for Institutions.

German Emigration Center
The German Emigration Centerparticipates in educational work and applied migration research within the framework of the newly founded "Academy of Comparative Migration Studies" (ACOMIS). Using a range of modern pedagogical approaches, the complex causes, consequences and reasons of migration are integrated into the school curricula and requirements of various grades in the subjects of politics, history, geography, philosophy, religion and ethics.

Zoo at the Sea
The Zoo at the Sea is committed to education, nature conservation and species protection and has dedicated itself to breeding, securing reserve stocks and measures to safeguard populations in the wild. This knowledge is stored in scientific publications and computerized databases so that all zoos and aquariums worldwide have access to it and can use the findings as a basis for their own work.

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