Many cars stand on a large surface.

Overseas Harbors

The Overseas Harbors is with a size of 7,8 million m² the largest harbor facility of our city. It consists of the Container-Terminal, Auto-Terminal, Ro-Ro-Facility, Fruit-Terminal, Cargo-Terminal und Cruise-Terminal Columbus Quay.


Things are really moved here
The winner in a global market is whoever can offer the fastest, safest port, can process the largest ships and can keep the ocean giants’ layover days to a minimum. Bremerhavens’ container terminal “Wilhelm Kaisen” not only boasts the longest sea-quay in the world it is also right at the top in terms of safety and speed. As one of Europe’s largest container ports it is in every respect one of the most thriving cargo handling centers of the world. The largest special-purpose container ships, 350 meters long, can take on board up to 8,000 standard containers here or unload them using gigantic bridges. Two-figure increases in turnover, new personnel recruitment and jostling at the sea-quay and in the area behind the North lock are all part of the routine.


The same applies for the car terminal. As in the container terminal, business is determined by the economic boom with classy limousines from BMW and DaimlerChrysler being exported and almost all the Japanese and Korean brands being imported. New marshalling areas, car parks and quays are being created in order to handle the enormous car transporters. Well over 1.3 million cars a year are processed here in an area covering more than two million square meters, where at least 40,000 cars are always in interim storage in special garages and more than 60,000 in outdoor parking lots. And the building work continues.


Refrigerator ships bring fruit from South Africa, which is then distributed from Bremerhaven to the Northern and Eastern European regions. More than 300.000 t of these tropical fruits are annually imported alone through the banana-terminal. The whole facility is coordinated by a distribution center and is operated through a programmed control unit. While back in time refrigerator ships could only transport their goods under deck in special storage rooms, nowadays some of the fruits are delivered in refrigerated containers, which can also be stored on deck and are thus easier to unload.


Once, the famous express steamships of the North German Lloyd were berthed here. One after another, “Bremen”, “Europa” and “Columbus” won the “Blue Ribbon” for the fastest Atlantic crossing. Millions of emigrants began their journeys to the New World from here, Elvis Presley arrived here as a GI in the US Army. Columbus Quay – the quay of tears, of hope and of happiness. Today it is the heart of the Columbus Cruise Center – a quay for holiday enjoyment on elegant cruise liners, departing from Bremerhaven principally for the fjords and northern oceans.

Elvis Presley Bronze Plaque

Elvis Presley, the most famous recruit of the American Army arrived on October 1, 1958 in Bremerhaven aboard the troop carrier GENERAL RANDALL. The press as well as hundreds of enthusiasts, above all female fans respectively greeted the rock star dressed in a uniform. In the Overseas Harbor on the quay at 700 meters near the Bremerhaven Cruise Terminal there is a bronze plaque of Elvis. The memorial plaque is not accessible. However you can see it, on a clear day with a telescope from the visitor waiting-lounge in the Cruise Terminal.

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Overseas Harbors

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