"Verandering" - Sailing Ship

Angels have wings - we need sails!

"Verandering" is Dutch and means change. The "Verandering" has an eventful past, but the present as a traditional ship is also exciting. She looks back on a history of more than 120 years. She was built as a two-master for wadden and sound cruises in 1898 in Raamsdonkveer (Netherlands) for a German shipowner. Originally, the ship had an elliptical stern. In 1930, due to the size of the locks, the elliptical stern was replaced by a straight one and she was converted to a single-masted vessel and equipped with a side-screw.

In 1950, the ship was additionally fitted with a compressed air-started two-cylinder MWM engine with 44 hp.
In this condition a married couple bought the ship in the 70s. They lovingly brought it back to its original condition, as a two-master with hatch covers and a tarpaulin cover over it. The hold was made up as a lounge for guests, and the side propeller was removed.

In 1978, the ship was sold and thereafter served entirely for charter. At the beginning of the 1980s she was sold again. The owners at that time began to technically adapt the ship to the requirements and rules for sailing on the tidal flats and the Sound that had become applicable in the meantime. As a result, the ship was one of the few flat-bottomed ships that could continue to sail in its original cruising area.

After another change of ownership, the Bremen Evangelical Church bought Verandering in 2001.

The Verandering, built in 1898, is an old ship. And if you disregard the fact that she no longer transports goods but has instead been converted below deck to accommodate groups, equipped with an engine and has all the necessary safety and navigation equipment, the Verandering with its more than 120 years in the overall picture is a real traditional sailor.

As a flat-bottomed ship (without keel, but with centerboards) and as a gaff-rigged ketch with traditional deck equipment, the Verandering offers its guests the best opportunities to experience and learn old seafaring crafts.

Type: Gaff ketch
Owner: Bremische Ev. Church, Bremen
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Nation: GER
Total length: 30,90 m
Width: 5,85 m
Draft: 1,00 m
Sail area: 260 m²

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