„Großherzogin Elisabeth“ – so called after the in 1901 built full-rigged ship from the German Association of Training Ships – is the sixth name of the schooner. Started with the name “ San Antonio” and an eventful history it was last known as “Ariadne”.

The Elsflether shipowner Horst-Werner Janßen, President of the newly founded Training Ship Association in Elsfleth, bought the Schooner in 1982 for the county of Wesermarsch, which is using the ship after thorough renovation as a part of the Nautical School.

Ever since, the trainings ship is usually found in the North- and Baltic Sea, during winter times it is used as a swimming boarding school for young seaman.

Next to being used as a trainings ship for the Vocational School of Oldenburg in Elsfleth, during the weekends there are seafarings for guests offered. In addition, the “Großherzogin Elisabeth” is taking part in international regattas hosted by Sail Training International (STI).

Type: Three-mast gaffel schooner
Owner: Schulschiffverein "Großherzogin Elisabeth" e.V., Elsfleth
Homeport: Elsfleth
Total length: 63,70 m
Width: 8,30 m
Draft: 3,20 m

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