"Johanna" - Sailing ship

Experience the past on a lovingly maintained traditional sailing ship

The ewer "Johanna" from 1903 is a contemporary witness of the cargo shipping of bygone days on the Lower Elbe. The faithfully restored flat-bottomed ship with centerboards represents what was then an impressive fleet of small freight sailing vessels that ensured the flow of goods between Hamburg and the Lower Elbe marshes until well into the 20th century. These ships not only supplied the city with building materials, for example from the brickworks of the Lower Elbe, but also carried fruit and vegetables from the Alte Land as well as general cargo such as boxes and larger pieces of luggage.

Today, guests can enjoy the family atmosphere on board the lovingly maintained cargo ship. The ship is perfectly suitable for smaller groups of up to 16 people. The former hold conceals cozy accommodation, while on deck you can enjoy the ride or join in the sailing.

The "Johanna" is kept in operation and maintained by the association "Freunde des Besan-Ewers Johanna e.V.". With a few exceptions, the nearly 80 volunteer members carry out all maintenance work on the ship and provide the crew. By the way: The association is still accepting members. Almost half of the members are female and are looking forward to reinforcements.

Excursions are possible on the beautifully restored ship.

Type: Mizzen Ewer
Owner: Hamburg Maritime Foundation
Home port: Hamburg
Length overall: 25,00 m
Width: 4,70 m
Draught: 1,20 m
Sail area: 165 m²

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