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Bremer-Haven is right on the water. You can experience a lot there. Especially in the inner city. The inner city is called Haven-Welten. Many special places are very close there. You can learn a lot there. For example, in the German Emigration House. This is a barrier-free exhibition. Barrier-free means that all people can get around there easily. The exhibition shows the life of emigrants. Emigrants are people who move to other countries. They stay in the new country. This is called emigration. Very many people used to emigrate from here. On the other side of the street is the Climate House Bremer-Haven 8 degrees East. Climate is all weather together. The climate house is an exhibition. There you learn a lot about the climate in the world. Right next to the exhibition is a dike. A dike is a barrier made of earth. It keeps water away from the land. The view from the dike is great. And the air by the water is good. There are nice hotels nearby. You can sleep well there. The fellow workers at the hotel are looking forward to seeing you.

This is how you get to Bremer-Haven:
You can go by car. Or by train. Barrier-free buses stop at the main train station. The bus company is called Bremer-Haven-Bus. The company's website is:

This is how you get to the hotels:
Many buses go there. These bus lines are correct: 502, 505, 506, 508, 509 route map.

The final stop is called: Haven-Welten. The hotel Haver-Kamp is at the stop: Große Kirche. The hotels Atlantic Hotel Sail City and The Liberty Hotel are at the stop: Haven-Welten.

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