Vacation proposal "Fischer's Fritz"

Variety from Neptune's realm

In Bremer-Haven there is delicious fish. There are many different dishes with fish. For example, fish in a bun. Or fried fish. And even more delicious fish dishes. In Bremer-Haven is the Sea Fish Cooking Studio. This is a barrier-free cooking studio.Barrier-free means that all people can get along well there. In the Sea Fish Cooking Studio you will learn to cook delicious fish dishes yourself. The cook tells a lot about fish!

There are 2 hotels nearby:
Nordsee Hotel and Best Western Plus Hotel. The hotels are on the harbor. There are barrier-free rooms in the hotels. Villa Seebeck is a guest house in Bremer-Haven. The house is located on a river called Geeste. In the past boats were made whole in front of the house. Today there is great food in the villa. The co-workers are looking forward to seeing you.

How to get to Bremer-Haven: 
You can go by car. Or by train. Barrier-free buses stop at the main train station. The bus company is called Bremer-Haven-Bus. The company's website is:

How to get to Villa Seebeck:
From the Main Station: Take bus 5050 or bus 506. route map.
The final stop is called: Shop Window Fishery Harbor. Drive to the stop: Hoebel Street. From the stop Shop Window Fishery Harbor: Take bus 505 or bus 506. The final stop is called: Langen. Drive to the stop:
University of Applied Sciences BHV / City-Theater.

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