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House of Paul Ernst Wilke

Studio for artists in residence

The Wilke-Atelier is situated at Am Alten Vorhafen 2 between the pilot's house and the radar tower. The former summer house of the fine artist  Paul Ernst Wilke (… 1971) is used today as a studio for artists in residence.

After the death of P. E. Wilke, a private association restored the little house completely with the help of sponsors. Since July 1986, various artists, sculptors, photographers, composers or authors have lived and worked there for 2 months and exhibited their works to the public at the end of their stay.

The building is a preserved historic monument. It has a bright atelier, a kitchen and a bath room. The bedroom is under the roof. The association 'Wilke-Atelier' runs the studio and is responsible for its continuous renovation.

The high reputation of Wilke-Atelier is widespread amongst artists. It is reserved years in advance. Its unique location and the exceptional atmosphere of the seaport have a lasting effect on the artists.

Art lovers are offered fantastic opportunities for conversations with artists about their works. The Wilke-Atelier is one of the most important cultural meeting points in Bremerhaven.

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WILKE ATELIER - Verein zur Kunstförderung e.V.

Am Alten Vorhafen 2
27568 Bremerhaven
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WILKE ATELIER - Verein zur Kunstförderung e.V.
Am Alten Vorhafen 2
27568 Bremerhaven
Freundeskreis Paul Ernst Wilke e.V.
Behringstraße 12
27574 Bremerhaven


 0049 (0)471 - 41 47 92


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