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"Wilhelmine von Stade" - Sailing ship

The Besanewer was built in 1912

The Besanewer was built in 1912 from the Jacobs-shipyard in Moorege for the seaman Hermann Haack. It was named after his wife “Wilhelmine”. After World War II his son, Klaus, took over the ship. Meanwhile, it got extended. It usually sailed in the Elbe area. After another extension in the 50s, it was used as a engine cargo. As a barge it navigated through all northern German water passages until the Ruhr.

In 1976 Klaus Haack put the WILHELMINE off-duty. The new owner was Karl Meyer from Wischhafen. He refurbished the ship for his own needs. In 1978 he let the Youth Club Neuwiederthal use the ship. 1981 he sold the ship for a symbolic Deutsche Mark to the City of Stade, which let the ship refurbish from 1982-1985. The refurbishment was connected with high expenses. It was restored mostly by teens in a total of 22.000 working hours. After finishing the refurbishment the Ewer was set back to its original dimensions. In the spring of 1985 it was ready to sail.

Type: Besanewer
Owner: Gemeinnütziger Verein zur Pflegte alter Seemannschaft "Wilhelmine von Stade" e. V.
Port of call: Stade
Nation: GER
Length: 25,00 m
Width: 4,10 m
Draft: 1,15 m
Sail area: 180 m²
Crew: 12

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