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Trips to Heligoland

Direct Ship Connections from Bremerhaven to Heligoland

With a ship to Germany’s only High Sea Island. About 115 km from Bremerhaven, the huge red sandstone rock of Heligoland stands out. Heligoland is an oasis of calmness for stressed-out people and a unique natural monument that knows no environmental problems. But Heligoland is also a fascinating vacation and adventure island, a spa and health resort during all four seasons. With the passenger ship „FAIR LADY“ you can travel to Germany’s only island where you can still purchase duty free goods. During the 3-hour trip with the motorized ship passengers can relax in air-conditioned guest salons (non-smoking) on two decks or on a panorama-sundeck.

For those who come to Bremerhaven with their own car, all-day parking facilities for Heligoland travelers in the garage Havenwelten are available. The ship is only a few meters away from there. Additional ship connections are also available from Cuxhaven. Parking possibilities you find here.


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Location Bremerhaven: "Seebäderkaje"

27568 Bremerhaven
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Travel times „Fair Lady“ from Bremerhaven

daily from May 18th – Sept. 20th, 2019

September 20th end of season 2019 in Bremerhaven

Departure time from Bremerhaven, Seebäderkaje

Embarkment 8.30 a.m.
Departure from Bremerhaven 9.30 a.m.
Arrival on Heligoland approx. 12.30 p.m.

No departure from Bremerhaven

May: 27th and 28th May 2019
June: 10th, 11th, 24th and 25th June 2019
July: 08th, 09th, 22nd, 23rd, 28th and 29th July 2019
August: 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th August 2019
September: 9th, 10th, 21st and 22nd September 2019

20th September end of the season 2019 in Bremerhaven.
A shuttle transfer from Seebäderkaje to Cuxhaven to MS "Helgoland" will be offered on the above mentioned dates. Registration under:  0049 4721 667 600


Weather-related changes of the departure points or cancellations of trips are possible. Please inform yourself 12 hours before departure at www.cassen-eils.de about possible timetable changes.

Online bookings are only possible up until five days before the event starts. Later bookings then only by phone or e-mail in the tourist-info Bremerhaven.

Departure time from Heligoland, Landungsbrücke

Embarkment 3 p.m.
Departure from Heligoland 4 p.m.
Arrival on Bremerhaven approx. 7 p.m.

Daily return ticket*** - Single ticket (till 9 passengers)

Adults € 39,90
Children (4-14 years) € 23,00
Family (2 adults+ max. 3 children) € 99,90
Further child till 14 years within the family card € 23,00
Disabled person** up to 70% € 34,00
Dogs € 18,00

Group prices for Daily return ticket

Daily return ticket from 10 passengers
Adults € 33,50
Teenager (15-17 years) € 29,00
Children (4-14 years) € 23,00

Daily return ticket from 20 passengers
Adults € 30,50
Teenager (15-17 years) € 29,00
Children (4-14 years) € 23,00

Group prices for Seasonal return ticket

Seasonal return ticket from 10 passengers
Adults € 40,50
Teenager (15-17 years) € 30,00
Children (4-14 years) € 25,00

Seasonal return ticket from 20 passengers
Adults € 37,00
Teenager (15-17 years) € 29,00
Children (4-14 years) € 25,00

Seasonal return ticket*

Adults € 49,00
Children (4-14 years) € 25,00
Family (2 adults+ max. 3 children) € 129,00
Further child till 14 years within the family card € 25,00
Disabled person** up to 70% € 42,00
Dogs € 18,00

One-way ticket

Adults € 31,00
Children (4-14 years) € 16,00
Dogs € 9,00


Return trip duration: approx. 9,5 hours

Tickets are available at the Bremerhaven Tourist-Inforamation in the Shop Window Fishery Harbor and Hafeninsel which is already open at 8.30 a.m.

For short notice travelers, tickets are available at the Tourist-Info Hafeninsel and at the ticket counter located directly on the pier at the Seebäderkaje.

* The seasonal return ticket is valid for 2 months.
** Escorts pay full fare
*** Daily return ticket on the same day



Location Bremerhaven: "Seebäderkaje"
Reederei Cassen Eils GmbH & Co. KG
Bei der Alten Liebe 12
27472 Cuxhaven
27568 Bremerhaven
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Reservation/booking via

Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH
Bremerhaven Touristik & Tourist-Infos
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27568 Bremerhaven


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