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Regional and seasonal delicacies of Northern Germany.

Bremerhaveners and guests alike look forward to seasonal offerings such as kale with pinkel, seaside arrowgrass and matjes. Labskaus may look a bit unusual, but it tastes great, and red fruit compote is popular with young and old alike. Lovers of high-proof spirits should try the Altleher Hahnentritt.

Green cabbage and spelt

Kale is cooked differently from region to region, so it tastes different in Bremerhaven with the famous fat Pinkelwurst than in the surrounding area.


Labskaus, still the favorite dish of people on the coast, is a sailor's dish from the days of sailing ships.

Red fruit jelly 

The red fruit jelly tastes delicious with vanilla sauce, with crêpes and waffles or hot on ice cream.

Tubular cabbage

Tubular cabbage is the "culinary" name of the plant, which is properly called seashore trident. Only local citizens have the vested right to harvest it privately for themselves.

Altleher Hahnentritt

A high-proof herbal liqueur made from berries and local herbs.


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