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The variety of our quarters

Adventure Worlds by the Sea - Bremerhaven

- Columbus Shopping Center

Discover Bremerhaven's largest shopping center with a multitude of businesses covering an area of more than 30,000 square feet. The fully roofed building complex combines retailers and residences, with more than 500 apartments, as well as over 70 businesses. Take advantage of the convenient connection between the shopping area and the parking garage underneath, and enjoy your day rain or shine.

- Mein Outlet & Shopping-Center

Welcome to the adventure world! "Mein Outlet & Shopping-Center" welcomes you with the Mediterranean charm of a small village with a piazza and small houses, in which businesses are located, as well as a retail area of approximately 9,000 square feet. Take a comfortable stroll between "Mein Outlet & Shopping-Center " and the Columbus Shopping Center regardless of the weather conditions, since they are connected by a glass harbor bridge.

- Pedestrian Zone Bürgermeister-Smidt Street

The "Bürger", as it is affectionately called, is Bremerhaven's pedestrian zone. Here, you can "window shop", or browse the various products offerent in a variety of stores. Thanks to the traffic-reduced area, in which only transit buses may operate, you can shop as much as you like with no interruptions.


- Leherheide

Explore the northwestern part of Bremerhaven and its wide range of offers. Enjoy amyriad of experiences - at grocery stores, or the weekly farmers' market. The wide product range will ensure that you enjoy your shopping trip.

- Supply Center Speckenbüttel

In the area around Debstedter Weg, you can find businesses, as well as a wide range of service providers. You can run all your errands with no problems.

- Lehe

The largest neighborhood of Bremerhaven is characterized by its multicultural flair and old buildings. Get to know a variety of businesses and sales offers, or take advantage of the range of fresh foods at the farmers' market, which is held twice a week at Ernst-Reuter-Platz.

- Speciality Retailers at Pferdebade

The special location at Pferdebade offers a compact array of multiple service providers in one place. This makes it easy to buy in bulk and there are also refreshments for after your shopping trip.

- Center

Bremerhaven's center is defined by the "Havenwelten Bremerhaven", harbor worlds that offer excellent options for shopping. Experience the variety of retailers: Shop to your heart's desire at the Italy-inspired "Mediterraneo", explore the large "Columbus Shopping Center", or walk along the "Bürger", our downtown shopping promenade. Take advantage of the accessibility of all shopping areas, as well as their diversity. Visit the market in front of the big church "Große Kirche", or get to know and love local foods.

- „Alte Bürger“, Bremerhaven's arts and restaurant district

The neighborhood affectionately referred to as "Alte Bürger" plays host to diverse, colorful quarters with restaurants, small businesses, arts, and culture. Visit the bars and event spaces with their frequent events, or experience one of Germany's tiniest theaters. There's also something for art lovers, who can find historic architecture in addition to exhibition spaces.

- Geestemünde

The Geestemünde neighborhood is located south of the river Geeste. If you are looking for special types of businesses, this is the place for you.  Choose between individual, high-quality business, or Bremerhaven's largest farmer's market at Konrad-Adenauer-Platz. Use Bremerhaven's central train and bus station to travel comfortably, or go to the Bremerhaven ferry station to travel to the opposite side of the river.

- Wulsdorf

The South of Bremerhaven is marked by a familiar, cozy environment. Feel right at home on shopping trips or your visit to Wulsdorf's farmers' market. Get great advice on your purchases and observe the current developments in this neighborhood.

- Speciality Retailers at Bohmsiel

"Lunepark" is located at the border with Lower Saxony - and boasts comfortable shops for all types of products including food, furniture, electronics, DIY products, and pet foods.

- Fishery Harbor

Bremerhaven's fishery harbor offers many opportunities to experience a traditional seaside neighborhood. In many places, you are able to purchase or enjoy high-quality fish and other delicacies from the sea. You will find a versatile range of offers in small factories, as well as large facilities. If you love fish, you simply must visit the fishery harbor. There's so much to see and experience!

- Shop Window Fishery Harbor

It is one the best-known places in Bremerhaven and a city landmark. The "shop window" area, as the locals call it, lets you get up close and personal to the selling and smoking of fish. Here, you can buy freshly smoked fish, souvenirs, weather-resistant clothes, and enjoy the versatile fish-based cuisine, or experience the sunset at one of the numerous events that occur around the port basin.

- Schiffdorferdamm

The Schiffdorferdamm neighborhood is located at the border with Lower Saxony, and offers a wide range of individual retailers and service providers. Here, you can buy locally without travelling far and can comfortably run all of your errands.

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