Barque "Alexander von Humboldt II"

The barque ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II is known worldwide with her green sails

Owner and operator of the barque ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II is the German Sail Training Foundation (DSST). The founders of the DSST are the Sail Training Association Germany (STAG), the brewery Beck & CO and BLG Logistics.

For more than 20 years, the foundation has been operating as a non-profit institution for interested and suitable persons, under expert voluntary management, ocean sailing within the framework of traditional seamanship, with preferential support for young people in the sense of the Youth Welfare Act. Through the extraordinary experience of sailing with our barque ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II and the associated nautical customs, social skills are promoted, especially in young people. Sail Training stands for "education through the sea". Young people in particular are given the opportunity to actively learn traditional seamanship, to be part of a team, to show consideration for others under demanding conditions, to take responsibility for themselves and in particular for others and for the ship. These social behaviors, especially group spirit, are to be experienced together because they are indispensable for safe sailing aboard the "Alex II".

By participating in international ocean events, the encounter with young people from other countries is made possible. This promotes international tolerance and understanding. The foundation supports the training of young people to become regular crew members on the ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II. They are trained by experienced seamen who work on a voluntary basis.

Type: Barque
Owner: DSST, Bremerhaven
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Nation: GER
Year of construction: 2011
Total length: 65,05 m
Width: 10 m
Draft: 5,10 m
Sail area: 1.360 m²

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