Elvis Presley in Bremerhaven

Elvis Presley (1935-1997), “The King of Rock 'n Roll”, was one of the most famous early rock and roll artists and had a great influence on that style. In general, he was considered an outstanding teenage idol. From a humble Mississippi background, he began his career in 1953 and soon became famous. Despite that fame, he followed the call to arms in force at that time. After a medical examination in January 1957, he was drafted to the US Army in March 1958. Following basic training with a tank battalion in Texas, the most famous recruit of the US Forces of that time, who refused any special treatment, went to sea on board the troop carrier GENERAL RANDALL on September 22nd 1958. Arrival at Bremerhaven was on October 1st. The media and a few hundred enthusiastic, mostly female fans ensured a tremendous reception. But there was no stopping for Elvis; a troop transport train immediately took the uniformed rock star to his garrison at Friedberg in Hesse. There Elvis served as a Jeep driver for a reconnaissance detail. During his regular service, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. In March 1960, all that was over. Presley flew back to the states and was discharged. What followed was a successful music career, but overshadowed by personal tragedies until his untimely death.

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