Traditional ship fleet in the New Harbor basin

Tourism as the most important present role of the Neuer Hafen basin led to a number of museum vessels now being moored there. The merits of two institutes in particular are worth a mention.

Vessels of the Schiffergilde Bremerhaven e.V.:

Deep-sea cutter "ASTARTE", built by August Albers at Finkenwerder near Hamburg in 1903, length 25.50 metres.
The last of a once legendary type of fishing vessel, this wooden-built craft sailed until 1952. Her original home port was Hamburg-Finkenwerder, later Schulau. Then the oceanographic Senckenberg-Institute at Wilhelmshaven used ASTARTE as a research vessel. An auxiliary motor was installed as early as 1912, but the sailing rig was retained. In 1978, the Schiffergilde purchased the vessel. After a thorough restoration, ASTARTE now serves as a youth training vessel.

Fire boat "FEUERLÖSCHBOOT 1", built by August Pahl at Finkenwerder near Hamburg in 1941, length 19.50 metres. After service with the Bremerhaven fire brigade, the steel-hulled craft is now an active museum vessel.

Tender boat "BÖRTEBOOT Nr. 3", built by Schwarz/Holm at Wedel near Hamburg in 1953, length 9.65 metres.
Tender boats were widely used on the roads of the island of Helgoland, transporting passenger to and from the waiting passenger vessels. BÖRTEBOOT NR. 3 is made of oak and was presented by the community of Heligoland to the Schiffergilde. It has been restored and tourists can now use the craft.

The Schiffahrts-Compagnie Bremerhaven e.V. operates:

Icebreaker "WAL", built by Stettiner Oderwerke in 1938, 1200 hp.
This steamer is equipped with a triple expansion engine and was built to break up ice in the Kiel Canal in winter. Based at Rendsburg and Brunsbüttel, the icebreaker mainly operated in the western part of the canal. In 1990, the vessel came to Bremerhaven. Since then, it has been maintained by a leisure time crew, also sailing to destinations abroad. A promotion society for the ship was founded in October 1991.

Quarantine Launch "QUARANTÄNE", built by Schürenstedt on the Weser in 1960, length 19.45 metres.
This launch was used by the port doctor in Bremerhaven to transport sick people from incoming and leaving ships or to administer to infected patients on board. Nowadays, tourists and other guests can sail with the boat.

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