Brinkamahof lighthouse

Brinkamahof lighthouse was erected on a dyke near Weddewarden. It was named after Johann Friedrich Brinkama (1831-1898), a wealthy farmer and horse breeder from Weddewarden, who once owned large estates in this area. But due to the outer appearance of the building, the Bremerhaven population liked to compare it with the more famous Rotesand lighthouse in the outer Weser estuary.

Anticipating changes in the navigation channels caused by shifting sands, a possible transfer of the lighthouse led to the iron construction. Such a transfer did not materialize, however, as long as the light was active. But for later preservation, this construction proved to be very useful. Since 1959, the lighthouse has been known as Weddewarden lower light.

When the second Bremerhaven container terminal (CT II) was built from 1978 to 1984, the lighthouse had to be removed. A floating crane of the Bugsier shipping company transported the 130-ton-tower to the marina in the fishery port area on August 19th 1980. There, the new owner installed accommodation and a pub in the old lighthouse.

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