Bremerhaven Airport at Luneort

Local aviation history dates back to the early days of flying. In the park of Speckenbüttel (northern part of Bremerhaven), a plane took off in 1910 and some demonstration flights were organized. A real airfield was opened at Speckenbüttel on May 1st 1926. In the same year, construction work on an airfield in Weddewarden commenced and one year later Lufthansa used it as a base. From there, sea-planes flew to the island of Heligoland. In addition, a service between Hamburg and Bremerhaven and the islands of Wangerooge, Norderney and Borkum was provided by Junkers aircraft. The airfield was extended in 1935 and used by the German Air Force after 1936. The famous airship GRAF ZEPPELIN also flew over Bremerhaven, as depicted in some old photos.

After World War II, modest air sport made a new start. An airclub was founded on 12th October 1952. Gliders first took off from Luneort airfield in 1956. Another airclub was founded for motor plane pilots in 1957. In this way Luneort could be licensed for motor planes in 1959 and for helicopters in 1964. A company to run the airport was founded on June 15th 1964. A commercial airline (OLT) began serving Luneort in 1965. Finally, the former airfield developed into a regional airport. Construction works began in September 1991. A new 920-metre-runway went into operation in October 1992, a new tower and a service building started in August 1994. The new regional airport officially went into service on July 21st 1995.

Further construction work continued until 2002. The runway was extended to 1200 metres, operation was now possible round-the-clock, so night take-offs and landings could take place with instrument assistance.

Some firms such as OLT airline set up in the vicinity of the airport, as well as an aerial photography and survey service and (since December 1996) a repair yard for airplanes. Scientific work also benefits from Bremerhaven airport. The two polar airplanes POLAR 2 and POLAR 4 (type Do 228) of the Alfred Wegener-Institute for Polar and Ocean Research (AWI) are based at Luneort.

The airfield Bremerhaven is a German trafficland place in Bremerhaven, which was closed. It is located in the district of the Fishery Harbor on a small island in the south of the town between the port in the east, the lune in the west and southwest as well as the river Weser in the north.

First of all, the Airport served individual traffic. The OFD Bremerhaven combined with Heligoland in the demand traffic after fixed times, ie linear flight.

In addition, the Alfred Wegener Institute used the Airport as a home base for its Polar Airplane POLAR 5 of the Basler BT-67 type.

Instrumental air traffic (IFR) at the Airport was discontinued on 30 November 2015 (see NfL 1-605-15). Until February 29, 2016 restricted VFR operation was still possible; Since 1 March 2016 the place has been closed.

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