The German Navy in Bremerhaven and the Naval Operations School

In the international shipping community, Bremerhaven is mainly associated with merchant shipping, fishery and shipyards. But there is also an interesting naval tradition, at times interrupted, but not insignificant.

During the attempted democratic revolution of 1848, the first German Navy with a national character was formed under the command of Admiral Rudolf Brommy. The new fleet was mainly stationed in the Weser region. At Brake, a dry dock was even constructed for repairing the warships. But also Bremerhaven and Geestemünde became garrison towns from 1849 to 1852. In Bremerhaven, the staff office, a pharmacy, an equipment depot, a gun depot, a coal store and accommodation were all situated near the Alter Hafen basin. Geestemünde on the facing riverside housed a hospital, the supply office, an arsenal and a store. As a result of the tragic failure of the revolution, the navy was disbanded and auctioned off from 1852 to 1853.

Only the military rearmament conducted by the Nazi regime led to new garrisons. Wesermünde received its first naval units in 1935. Barracks were built on the site of the former Tecklenborg shipyard, which had been closed down in 1928. A naval school was also established, training engineering personnel (enlisted and petty officers).

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