When the shipping company Friedrich Busse in Geestemünde put the „Sagitta" to sea, German deep-sea fishing began.

In1885 the „Sagitta" from Geestemünde was the first German fishing steam ship of the shipping company Friedrich Busse (1835-1898) to set sail. In 1935 on the occasion of the 5- year anniversary of German deep-sea fishing a monument was erected to commemorate the ship owner Busse as the pioneer of German deep-sea fishing.

The realization of the monument finally came in1936 through the renowned expressionist architect Professor Fritz Höger (1877-1949). He is well known for striking constructions, such as the Chilehaus in Hamburg or the Town Hall in Wilhelmshaven. On October 24th, 1936 the monument was inaugurated in the presence of Hermann Göring.

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