The quick bite for in between

For a quick snack in between meals, we recommend a fish roll.

Fish lovers can choose from a variety of different fish rolls. Two crispy halves of a roll, spread with creamy remoulade, topped with crunchy salad and a choice of matjes, Bismarck herring, shrimp, fishcake and smoked salmon. In the Shop Window Fishing Harbor, the crispy rolls are available at Fisch 2000, Der kleine Leuchtturm and Fiedlers Kombüse. In the city center, the popular delicacies are available at Martin's Fisch und mehr, Gosch and on the cutter Klibfisch.


Fisch 2000

Cult snack with heart.

Der kleine Leuchtturm

Lovingly made fish sandwiches in all their variety.


Delicious maritime specialties Sylt style.




The restaurant ship in the New Harbor.

Martin´s Fisch und mehr

Fish restaurant in the heart of the city.