Lighthouse Brinkamahof

The smallest pub in Bremerhaven is located in the lighthouse Brinkamahof directly in the Fishery Harbor.

The lighthouse was built in 1910/1911 and its’ original location was actually 6 kilometers north of Bremerhaven on the Wurster Watt. From 1911 - 1922 the lighthouse served as a direction light for the Wurster Arm waterway, 1922 - 1959 as a cross light for the transition from the Bremerhaven over to the Reedebaken lighthouse line as a result of the relocation of the waterway from Wurster Arm to the Fedderwarder Arm and 1959 - 1980 as a front light within the lighthouse line Weddewarden for the Fedderwarder waterway. With the Northern expansion of the Bremerhaven Container-Terminal the lighthouse had to be given up. With the help of the floating crane „Thor” the whole lighthouse was moved on August 19th, 1980 to the Nordsee-Yachting marina. For more than 25 years now the lighthouse is a landmark and a cozy pub in the marina.

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Leuchtturm Brinkamahof

Am Seedeich 57
27572 Bremerhaven
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