High Sea Cutter HF 244 "Astarte"

A special traditional ship

The „Schiffergilde Bremerhaven“, founded in 1978 as an association for traditional sailing vessels, took the challenge to restore the last Finkenwerder cutter HF 244 “Astarte”. Until now they use it actively as a traditional ship and sail in North- and Baltic Sea.

The “Astarte” was used for fishing under sails just a few years. In 1912 it got its first auxiliary engine with 12 PS and was used until 1952 from the fisherman’s family Külper. The “Astarte” was actually built for them in 1903. After 1952 the “Astarte” was sold to the Senkenberg-Institute in Wilhelmshaven where it was used as a research-cutter.

The Schiffergilde acquired the highly changed cutter in 1978 and restored it with help of original plans from the Altonaer Museums in Hamburg. Close to being original, it was back en route.

After 21 years as an museums-sailing-ship the Schiffergilde, with help from the county of Bremen and Bremerhavener Wirtschaft, invested in this precious ship. A new deck, rebuilt hulk, two meters extended masts and new sails let the “Astarte” gave the “Astarte” a new glow-up.

The only thing that is remindful of fishery is the “HF 244” which is part of the “Astarte” for over 102 years, which has become a trademark in the North- and Baltic Seas. Today you can find it usually in the Weser/German Bight/ Baltic Sea area with a young crew. 

Type: High Sea Cutter
Owner: Schiffergilde Bremerhaven e. V., Bremerhaven
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Total length: 27,00 m
Width: 6,10 m
Draft: 2,50 m

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