Park gate Speckenbüttel

The gate, built in 1896, is the landmark of the Speckenbüttel district.

It was designed by the Leher town architect Heinrich Lagershausen and serves as a romantic, medieval-looking staffage structure of the oldest entrance to the Speckenbüttel Health Park. The park gate is a massive rectangular gate with a steep red hipped roof. In front of it there are two round towers. It was modeled in the style of a medieval city gate.  The Leher coat of arms with crossed scythe leaves adorns the archway above the entrance.

An inscription states:

"Enter this forest's rooms,
Rich and poor alike shall be welcome,
And this low moss, shrubbery and trees
Put your faith in the Almightiness.
Therefore spare even the smallest plant, Looking is the silent thanks alone.
Be always far from evil and may all this still delight generations to come".

In 1896 the gate served as the northern terminus of the Bremerhaven tramway and since 1909 even with a turning loop.

In 1990 and 1991 the gate was renovated and in 2010 it was listed as a historical monument.

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Park gate Speckenbüttel

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