River Weser cruise trip with the "Ubena von Bremen"

Hansekogge replica from Bremerhaven

Ride the Hanseatic Cog "Ubena von Bremen" on the Weser. You will pass the sport boat lock and drive along the container terminal. Experience the skyline of Bremerhaven, the port handling and marvel at the container and cruise ships that sail through the whole world.

The "Ubena of Bremen" is the replica of a 14th century Hanseatic cog found in the silt of the Weser in 1962, although until 1965 attempts were made to find other individual parts. The sensational find was reconstructed piece by piece (more than 2000 individual parts) in the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven, measured and preserved for posterity over a period of 15 years in a conservation bath (800,000 litres capacity with a mixture of water and polyethylene glycol). The original of the cog has been on display in the DSM in the cog hall since May 2000, after the end of the conservation phase.

Much is known about the activities of the Hanseatic League from documents and records that have been handed over. However, authentic documents about the cogs, their construction and rigging are still missing today. To solve this mystery, scientists and interested parties could only refer to old town seals or handed-down drawings.

Ship data:
Length: 23,23 m, Width: 7,62 m, Draught: 2,25 m, Sail area: 200 m²

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New Harbor east side

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Dates and prices

May 18, 2023
10.30 a.m.- 1.30 p.m.
adults € 40,00
Child (4-14 years) € 15,00

The trip is 3 hours from/to New Harbor east, near German Emigration Center.
Prices incl. VAT plus shipping and service charges

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Embarkation 15 minutes before departure.
Duration approx. 3hours
Not suitable for wheelchair users, not barrier-free.
No dogs allowed.
Active assistance welcome, no previous knowledge required.

The ship's management reserves the right to sail with engine power in bad wind or weather conditions. The course of the trip can change depending on weather and tide. Separate travel conditions of the organizer apply to all cruises.

Travel documents

All travellers require a passport or identity card that is still valid after the end of the trip. Please send us the surnames, first names and dates of birth of all participants with your travel registration.


Hanse-Koggewerft e.V.
Alter Fährweg 8
27568 Bremerhaven
Deutschland, Germany


- Cruise with the "Ubena von Bremen"
- incl. pea soup

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Online tickets

Travel conditions

The Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH is only active as an agent, please clarify any claims for withdrawal directly with the organiser. Please also contact the organiser directly for information on the conditions of funding.

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Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH
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