Ice floes in the Antarctic

Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Helmholtz-Center for Polar and Marine Research

Germany´s leading institute for polar and marine research

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The AWI is involved in numerous international research programs and is in close contact with many universities and institutions all over Europe and overseas.

Polar- and marine research are the core subjects of the earth system and global environmental research. The foundation Alfred-Wegener-Institut conducts scientific projects in the Arctic, Antarctic and moderate latitudes. It coordinates the polar research in Germany and provides the equipment and logistics required for polar expeditions. Its tasks in the area of marine research include research in the North Sea, contributions to the biological monitoring on the high seas, research on marine pollution and natural marine materials, as well as developments in the field of marine technology. The most important tool of the German polar research efforts is the research and supply ship „Polarstern". Since its commissioning in 1982, the „Polarstern" has completed more than 30 expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. The ship was designed specifically for work in the polar oceans and is currently the most powerful polar research vessel in the world.

During a guided tour of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute you will get information on research activities covering oceans, ice, atmosphere, ocean floor, as well as fauna and flora in the water.

Guidance only after telephone registration and date arrangement. An application (with date selection) is required via the online event calendar of the institute:

Prices on request.


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