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The sea, dykes, vast green countryside: The marsh houses where once built by wind and weather beaten people, who always lived in fear of the big storm. Today sophisticated drainage systems with trenches and sluiceways keep the marsh under control. Tour guide Uwe knows, where the coastal dwellers sought protection when the word was out „A storm is approaching!“. Search with him for clues.

Soon the landscape will change from a deep green of the wet marsh – a natural moor area – to a sandy geest landscape. This higher terrain was formed by sand deposits during the Ice Age. Typical are the embankments, which offer protection from the wind and sand. In North Germany we call them "knicks". In the marsh you will find mainly birch trees here mostly oak and beech trees.

A highlight of this tour is a stop at the Wremer Kutterhafen (fishing harbor): Here you can find freshly caught shrimp directly from the boat. Keep your camera ready! The wonderful play of lights between the land and the water are waiting to be photographed. It is always unique how the sun reflects in the small mudflat watercourses or when the tide comes in on the rolling waves.

Other stops also offer nice motives for taking pictures – such as the open- air museum "Jan vom Moor" in Hollen. Here you will experience how the people in the moor colony lived in the past centuries.

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