Many tickets lie on a table on it sunglasses.

Tickets for concerts, tickets or vouchers for museums and adventure worlds, sailing trips and much more can be ordered comfortably from home.

In the lower section you will find the direct links to the entrance vouchers of the museums and adventure worlds as well as the direct links to the individual tickets for various journeys, concerts and theaters, sports events, cooking shows and boat trips.

You can also contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will book for you. The tickets will be sent to you by mail. We look forward to you!

Reservation/booking via

Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH
Bremerhaven Touristik & Tourist-Infos
H.-H.-Meier-Straße 6
27568 Bremerhaven


 0049 471 - 80 93 61 00
 0049 471 - 80 93 61 90

Praise or criticism

Opening hours

Mon. - Thur. 8 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
Fri. 8 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.

Please observe the instructions for each booking step.


- with direct debiting system
After receipt of your account information the amount will be debited from your account within 7 days. After receipt of the amount the admission tickets will be sent to you at a cost of € 4,00 (postage, mailing, bank- und handling fees) provided that exact recipient details are given. Please note eventual special conditions per event upon booking.

- Booking of ship trips with direct debiting system
Upon booking please register the first and last name of all participants. Stating of birth date and sex is voluntary, however can prove to be useful in regards to eventual cabin assignment, pricing and/or the security equipment. Your information regarding name and address are required in order to handle your booking appropriately. Information regarding telephone number, fax and e-mail are collected so that we can contact you quickly e.g. should short-notice changes in the sail trip schedule arise. Information regarding the passengers is also collected for the skipper. He requires this information for implementing harbor and maritime safety regulations.
Please note eventual special conditions per event upon booking.
If you give us your e-mail address we will send you a confirmation of your booking.

Important Information
Online bookings can only be made up to 5 days before the event begins. The rebate ranges, group rebates, special prices etc. can only be booked directly through the operator Bremerhaven Tourist Board resp. in the Tourist-Infos in Bremerhaven (s. below).
Detailed information for all events is available under the website:

General Terms and Conditions
The General Terms and Conditions of the AD Venue GmbH (German version)(PDF 102.3 KB)ReadSpeaker docReader Icon  are valid for the sale of online tickets. Tickets are non-returnable. Possible rebate circumstances must be proven on site.

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