Cod fillet confit in lemon oil on colorful pearl barley risotto

4 x 200g cod fillets, preferably cod loin
300 ml lemon oil
1 untreated lemon
1 untreated lime
1 small onion
½ pack. Barley, medium
100 g carrots
100 g celery
100 g parmesan cheese, freshly shaved
100 ml vegetable broth
100 ml Riesling
salt and lemon pepper to taste

Finely grate the peel from the lemon and lime and mix with the oil. Then put the oil in a baking dish and heat in the oven to 70°C.
Clean the vegetables and cut everything separately into fine cubes. Boil the pearl barley in salted water with a little turmeric and then rinse with cold water.
Portion the fish and season with salt, then place the fish fillets in the oil. Cover the whole with baking paper. Place the baking dish with the fish in the oven preheated to 70 °C for about 30 minutes.
Sauté the diced vegetables in a little oil, then add the cooked pearl barley, deglaze with Riesling and add some warm vegetable stock. Stir in the freshly shaved Parmesan.
Heat everything together to a sloppy risotto.
Tip: Serve with fresh salad to taste, e.g. a wild herb salad with vinegar-oil dressing