Around the gourmet mile Shop Window Fishery Harbor

In the maritime mile, the Shop Window Fishery Harbor, seafood restaurants are located door to door.

The Shop Window Fishery Harbor, Bremerhaven's maritime mile, has been formed on the historic site of the seedbed of the German deep-sea fishing industry. In addition to maritime stores and pubs, well-known restaurants and cult bistros can be found here one next to the other. Hearty fried fish can be found at Käptn's Dinner, Fiedler's Kombüse and Fisch 2000, while tasty smoked fish is offered by Fischräucherei Franke and Fiedler's Colonial Goods Store. Fish specialties and fish rolls are available at Abelmann Feinkost and Der kleine Leuchtturm. Not to be missed are Fishery Harbor Restaurant Natusch, Restaurant Fiedler, Dock IV and B`Haven. In season, shrimp is available directly from the cutter Steinbock. The mile is completed by Dat Fischhus, Fiedlers Fischerdorf and Kombüse, Meerfang and Takelage. The saloon steamer "Hansa" is looking forward to your visit as well as Grete`s Café and Gern ans Meer.

Abelmann „Käptn’s Dinner“

Fresh baked fish with delicious side dishes.  

Abelmann Feinkost

High quality marinades and delicatessen salads.

Dat Fischhus

Variations of fish dishes fresh daily.

Der kleine Leuchtturm

Lovingly made fish sandwiches in all their variety.

Der Kutterfischer

Watch the chefs in the glass kitchen.

Dock IV

Trendy restaurant with a modern approach.

Fiedlers anno 1906

Finest sea delicacies from Bremerhaven.

Fiedlers Fischerdorf

Fishing village with smokehouse, sitting hut, boathouse grill and more.

Fischräucherei Franke

Traditional farm with historic smokehouses. 

Fisch 2000

Cult snack with heart.

Gern ans Meer

Delicious, culinary, different.

Grete’s Café

With love baked cakes and an organic and regional or even vegetarian cuisine offers the right thing for every taste.

Krabbenkutter Steinbock

It doesn't get any fresher than this - crabs straight from the cutter.

La Trattoria

From pasta to pizza - fresh, Italian cuisine.


From coffee and cake to fish sandwiches and fried fish.

Natusch Fischereihafen Restaurant

Always on the restaurant best list.

Restaurant Fiedler

Noble restaurant with a cozy atmosphere.


Fish & Bar.

Salondampfer "Hansa"

Maritime gastronomy on board the saloon steamer.

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