Aerial view of a harbor basin and buildings.

Old Harbor

Where History and Modernity Meet


Along the Old Harbor you will find touristic attractions such as the National German Maritime Museum with the museum harbor, the Seute Deern and the submarine „Wilhelm Bauer". Here history and modernity come together with the Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost and the shopping center Mediterraneo designed with Mediterranean flair, the lookout platform SAIL City 90 meters in height and the modern Conference Center.

Even Goethe was fascinated by this major project
The Old Harbor 1827 was the first man-made basin in the newly founded Bremerhaven and was the initial seed for the subsequent city and harbor development.

According to the technical standards of that time this project was rather extensive and also arouse interest in other parts of Germany. So has it that in 1829 the 80 year old Johann Wolfgang, who was widely interested, noted in his diary: „...I obtained charts of the Weser River in order to have a better evaluation of the reports given to me about the new buildings near Geestendorf and the Leher
Harbor...". A land reclamation scene in the second part of „Faust" could well reflect Goethe's preoccupation with the harbor project.

The old emigration harbor
The Old Harbor became the hub for the emerging emigrant departure to the USA, a function, which gradually became less with the building of the New Harbor in 1851. As of 1966 the Old Harbor experienced its' renaissance as the Bremerhaven Museum Harbor. Enclosure walls from the earlier building phases are still be partially recognizable today.


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Old Harbor
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