A river mouth surrounded by quays walls.

Mouth of the River Geeste

This is where the Geeste flows into the Weser.

Between the Weser dyke and the National German Maritime Museum you can discover the maritime and artistic history of Bremerhaven as well as a "sand beach" for relaxation.

Paul Ernst Wilke House
In1948 the landscape painter Paul-Ernst Wilke (1894-1971) set up a studio at the River Geeste harbor entrance. Today this studio is funded by a society of friends and is available as a living and working place for guest artists. Wilke also became known through his marriage with (1922-1931) the later very popular singer Lale Andersen (1905-1972).

River Weser Lido
Sand beach on the Weser River, wicker beach chairs, children's playground and a café; These are the favorite meeting places in the summer for natives of Bremerhaven and tourists alike.

Water Gauge
The water gauge on the Weser dyke was installed in 1903 to inform the public and shipping on the tide levels. Listed as a historic device, the water gauge shows with day and night signals the tidal dependent flow directions, the water levels in meters (1 meter= 1 ball) and 20-centimeter levels (20 cm= 1 Kegel). There is also a residence and office building, extended in 1942 and newly built in 1952, which serves as a café and kiosk in the summer months.
Initial Importance of the River Geeste Harbor Entrance
Initially the River Geeste harbor entrance resp. the mouth of the River Geeste was particularly a tug- boat station. At least since the 1890 ties, if not earlier, there where some tug boats lying in the mouth of the River Geeste ready for action and waiting for respective „jobs", as tugging tasks were commonly referred to among experts. On the embankment, the mole, which separates the estuary, there is a red brick pier light with a red cupola and a red light on the port side which guides the ships through the entrance to the Geeste at night. The counterpart is located on the opposite mole made of a green steel frame with green lighting as a symbol for the starboard side.

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Mouth of the River Geeste

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Mouth of the River Geeste
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