Motor launch „Bracki“

A motor launch of the Schiffergilde Bremerhaven

The launch was built in 1912 at the Hamburg public shipyard in Altona for the regional Waterways and Shipping Directorate in Bremen. Under the name „Hafenamt Bremen II“ the launch was in service many years before she was bought by the Rickmers Shipyard in Bremerhaven and was then used for shipyard service. After the shipyard closed the "Rick I", as the launch was called in the meantime, came under the hammer and was acquired by a Bremerhaven businessman, who gave it to the Sailor's Guild Bremerhaven as a gift. The „Hafenamt Bremen II“ was transformed back into its original state according to old plans from The Museum of Hamburg History and christened under the name „Bracki“. Since then the Sailor's Guild Bremerhaven uses the launch for harbor service as well as for voyages on the Rivers Weser and Geeste.

Type: Motor launch
Owner: Uwe Herbst, Bremerhaven
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Year of construction: 1912 at the Hamburg public shipyard, Hamburg-Altona
Total length: 13,45 m
Width: 3,18 m
Draft: 1,12 m

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