Many ships lie at their landing places.

Landing Place New Harbor

Harbor Worlds (Havenwelten) and maritime history

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The feature located on the New Harbor is the tourism complex Havenwelten Bremerhaven with the Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8º Ost, Lookout Platform SAIL City, Mediterraneo, Lloyd Marina, German Emigration Center® Bremerhaven, Zoo at the Sea, Simon-Loschen-Lighthouse and the offered harbor cruises.

During the summer months the area around the New Harbor is especially popular as a location for large events like the "Sail". The harbor basin, which is also a docking place for the vintage museum sail ships, is then a guest harbor for numerous windjammers from all over the world. Aside from the modern and innovative offers within this area, one will also find many maritime orientated historic sites.

Original maritime importance
The leading large shipping company, the North German Lloyd, located on the Lower Weser River, was the primary user of the New Harbor during the first decades. Preserved buildings, such as the Strandhalle, dry dock, bascule bridge and the machine houses between the Old and New Harbor still bear witness of this time.

Old lighthouse (built by Simon Loschen)
With the construction of the New Harbor it became necessary to erect a beacon at the lock to the harbor entrance. 1853 the famous architect Simon Loschen (1818-1902) from Bremen was awarded the contract. Loschen was considered one of the great protagonists of neo-gothic architecture in North Germany. The Bürgermeister-Smidt-Church (1855) in Bremerhaven's city center and the water tower in Leher Municipal Park (1853) are both constructions under his feather.

As a front light for the old lighthouse which was built by Simon Loschen in 1854, a 22,40 meter high lighthouse in a steel frame structure was built in 1893 on the south side of the entrance to the New Harbor. This building, which is now listed as a historic landmark, has retained its function as a beacon.

A semaphore is an optical wind indicator, two 4,5 meter long indicators describe the wind direction, six 1,5 meter long indicators show the wind force 1-12. Every two hours the German weather service gives out the current wind data for Borkum and Heligoland, which are displayed by the semaphore.

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