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Landing Place Commercial Harbor

An eye on the Bremerhaven skyline

The 550 meters long and 100 meters wide artificial harbor basin of the commercial harbor was completed in 1863 for the purpose of competing with Bremerhaven. The plan worked: The new harbor city developed quickly. Some shipyards moved there from Bremerhaven, other ship construction companies, for example Seebeck (founded 1876) were newly founded.

Still remaining are the harbor basin facilities, the outer harbor, as well as parts of the lock, which were shut down in 1930. The harbor canal, which was built in 1930 connected the commercial harbor in Geestemünde, in the meantime decayed, with the rest of the harbor area.

Crossing over the Berliner Platz one comes to the „mole“, the common name among the natives. Here the natives of Bremerhaven and tourists alike enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere on the Weser dyke with a direct view of the double lock in the Fishery Harbor and the outgoing ships as well as the Bremerhaven skyline.

Here the Geeste and the Weser waters meet. On both sides of the Geeste estuary a dam was built at that time, so to speak, a mole was built. The beacon lights are on the mole heads. A mole tower built out of red bricks with a red dome and red light on the portside and on the starboard side (Geestemünder mole) a tower made of green steel construction with green lights (refurbished in 2000). These beacon lights are navigation marks. They lead ships through the entrance to the Geeste at night: green for starboard side and red for portside.

Here you will also find the ferry docking space for the Weser ferry and an info-terminal. The pier is directly adjacent to the city center.

Note: Bus connection: 505, 506

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Landing Place Commercial Harbor

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Landing Place Commercial Harbor
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