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Boat test

For all water sports fans

ince 2013, has been offering mobile apps for iOS and Android that water sports enthusiasts can use to prepare for the boating license and marine radio exams. The exam questions correspond 100% to the original, official questions, which are also used in the exam. Around 100,000 prospective skippers now use the mobile app every year to prepare for their boating license exams.

Most of the content in the online course and mobile apps is available free of charge. The majority of users also prepare for the exams with the free version.

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SBF-Binnen Pro-Version (einmalig) 18,90 €
SBF-See Pro-Version (einmalig) 18,90 €
Bodenseeschifferpatent Pro-Version (einmalig) 18,90 €
UBI Funkprüfung Pro-Version (einmalig) 18,90 €
SRC Funkprüfung Pro-Version (einmalig) 18,90 €
LRC Funkprüfung Pro-Version (einmalig) 8,90 €
Pyroschein (FKN) Pro-Version (einmalig) 8,90 €

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