Going on a voyage of discovery
A day of discovery with the family begins with a visit to the VS "Gera", the floating deep-sea fishing museum. If you want to learn more about fishing and seafaring, you can embark on a multimedia discovery tour of the fishing port. At the end of an eventful day, visit the Historical Museum. Immerse yourself in the history of the maritime city of Bremerhaven.

Experience fish
In the Klimahaus Bremerhaven, the whole family goes on a trip around the world along the 8th degree of longitude east. In the large aquariums you will experience colorful fish of a South Sea reef. During a visit to the Zoo at the Sea you will meet seals, sea lions and seals, penguins and polar bears. Observe the diverse underwater world in the large North Sea Aquarium.

How fish is put on the table
How fish sticks are made interests children and adults alike. In Bremerhaven, take a look behind the scenes of fish production at the transparent production facility in the fishing harbor. At the Siegel fish delicatessen in the fishing harbor, you can see how rollmops are rolled. Every Friday there is also a delicious tasting there.




The city center of Bremerhaven is visible from afar and is the focus of your short vacation. Experience the Harbor Worlds of Bremerhaven and the Shop Window Fishery Harbor in an interesting way.

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