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Bremerhaven's theater, museum and attraction landscape.

The Seaside City offers a variety of theaters and stages. This ranges from the small room theater to the three-discipline house. Other highlights and sights captivate visitors with their varied worlds of experience and take them on a journey to other times or places. There seems to be no limit to the diversity available here.

Climate Experience Center

A trip around the world and through different climate zones is possible here without having to get on a plane.

German Emigration Center

Visitors retrace the footsteps of former emigrants and, with the help of biographies, learn about their very personal fates. An emotional journey through time begins.

Zoo at the Sea

At the Zoo at the Sea with the North Sea Aquarium, seals, sea lions, polar bears, penguins and more nordic animals await their visitors.

Historical Museum Bremerhaven

City history, shipyard construction, fishing industry and much more are brought to life here.

German Maritime Museum

The German Maritime Museum / Leibniz Institute for Maritime History has set itself the task of researching the changing relationship between man and the sea and bringing it to life in exhibitions.

Submarine"Wilhelm Bauer"

In the Technical Museum, visitors get an impression of how hard the work of submarine crews was.

Phänomenta Science Center

Natural sciences, technology and mathematics captivate everyone in the hands-on and experiential exhibition.

City Art Gallery/Museum of Art

Alternating exhibitions with works from late romantic painting to contemporary art.

City Theater

The three-discipline house inspires with drama, concert and ballet.


At the Young Theatre Bremerhaven, young artists take the stage and delight both young and young-at-heart audiences.

Studio and Venue "Pferdestall"

Top-class concerts, readings, poetry slam are just some of the program offerings of this cosmopolitan and idiosyncratic theater.

piccolo teatro

It doesn't get any closer than that! In the small theater, the audience almost has the feeling of sitting on stage with you.

Marionette Theater Bremerhaven

The actors - the characters - are created in their own workshop and come "alive" on stage.


Cabaret and comedy at its best.


Cinema fun and entertainment for the whole family. From children's films and documentaries to romances and thrillers, everything is included in the lineup.

TiF - Fishery Harbor Theater

The TiF, as the Theater in the Fishery Harbor is called, has gained a firm place in the cultural landscape and inspires its audience.

City Festival Hall

The municipal event center delights its audience with its wide range of offerings from concerts to exhibitions, sport events and trade fairs.


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