Buildings with character

Unique architectural styles

In the Harbor Worlds (Havenwelten), the most modern, unique buildings stand in direct proximity to historic buildings from the founding period of the maritime city. Facades in which the sun is reflected, organic shapes, bridges rotating on a "needle point" and buildings reaching into the sky are convincing in their architecture.

Climate Experience Center Bremerhaven

Around 4,700 differently shaped glass panes form the 10,000 square meter shell of the Climate Experience Center Bremerhaven.

Atlantic Hotel SAIL City

It may remind you of the Burj Al Arab from Dubai, but it is unique. All rooms have an unobstructed view of the water.

Haven Bridge

The 100.7 meter long glass swing bridge connects the Harbor Worlds with the city center. Thanks to the glass panes, 300 tons of steel appear filigree and light.

Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences

State-of-the-art courses of study are taught at the historic site. Where the university now stands was once the Emigrants' House, where hundreds of people waited for their ship passage to the New World. Some of the university buildings are now listed monuments.

Park gate Speckenbüttel

The staffage building Park Gate stands at the oldest entrance to Speckenbüttel Park, as it was called when it was founded (today Fitness and Wellness Park of Speckenbüttel).

Paking sheeds in the Shop Window Fishery Harbor

Where people stroll and feast today, bone-hard work was once done in the packing halls of the fishing port.

Neumarkt Water tower

The water tower, built in 1891 by Aachen engineer Otto Intze, supplied 20,000 people with the vital water at the time.

Old Geeste Swing Bridge

Previously, the river could only be crossed by a prahm ferry. In 1904, it was replaced by the construction of the Geeste Bridge.

Main Station

Unlike in many cities, the main station, which opened in 1914 and is a listed building, is located about two kilometers from the city center.

Old Lighthouse Simon Loschen

Bremerhaven's landmark is the oldest mainland lighthouse on the North Sea coast. It is still in operation today and shows ships their way.


Small and cuddly, it stands on the Weser dike in front of the Kaiserschleuse. The Pingelturm, as the people of Bremerhaven affectionately call the Kaiserschleuse Ostfeuer, has a fog bell on its outer facade.

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