Visitors walk along a restaurant mile.

Walk through Bremerhaven's south

From the Shop Window Fishery Harbor to the district Wulsdorf

The two-kilometer long trail begins on the square in the maritime mile, the Shop Window Fishery Harbor. Stroll along the stores, restaurants and smokehouses and at the end cross the small parking lot which leads to an underpass. Then turn left and cross the street "Unter der Rampe" before turning right at the next crossing and right again at the next fork. Continue straight on, before the road turns right, through an underpass. Here the path rises a little and meets "Dreibergen". After crossing the railroad line, turn right at the next intersection into "Ringstraße", which leads to "Weserstraße", which again crosses the single-lane railroad line before you reach the bus stop at Wulsdorf cemetery. If you want to go back to the start of the route, follow the "Weserstraße" straight on and turn right into the foot/cycle path after the ARAL gas station, at the point where it rises a little bit. After a few meters you will find the path again, which will take you under the ramp on the left back to the starting point in the Shop Window Fishery Harbor.

With the bus line HL (Hafenliner) you reach the starting point of the path at the stop "Schaufenster Fischereihafen" (Shop Window Fishery Harbor). If you walk around the Nordsee Hotel Fischereihafen (Fishery Harbor) from there, you will come to a large square in the middle of the Shop Window Fishery Harbor. The return trip is possible with the bus lines 505 and 506 from the bus stop "Friedhof Wulsdorf".

Length of the path: 2.0 km


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