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The Old Postal Route

Long historical paths through the rural district

The „Alte Postweg“ combines various natural surroundings and landscape structures. Along the route you will find a total of 23 information signs, which provide information about the traveled landscapes and landscape structures and also call your attention to spots of cultural historical interest.

Due to fact that the path led along the sandy and dry ridge „Hohen Lieth“ it was used as a secure trade route and Heerweg for hundreds of years. The name it has today „Alter Postweg“ was given through its' use in the 18th century, as the Electors of Hanover where also appointed Kings of England and then relocated their residences to London. The monarchs sent their official mail with a horsemen from Hanover via Nienburg to Cuxhaven, where it was then sent with a ship to England. Except for a few distances, the cycle route „Alter Postweg“ follows this historical path.

Along the path you will also see remnants of former defense facilities from the 9th and 10th century, which shows that this route was also used by the military. The remnants of the defense facilities are still posted on maps today under „Bullmersberg“, „Pipinsburg“ and „Hollburg“.

You will also find numerous prehistoric graves, which indicates that this path must have also been of some significance in the early stone age. Along the way you will find various huts, which can be used as a meeting point or interim goal. In regular distances there are also information signs including a map, which give you your current location and the rest of the route.

- active relaxation in the great outdoors
- ideal for group trips and meeting new people
- magical towns
- good for your health and fitness
- diverse landscape without stress and hectic

You can see the route here.

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