River Weser-Cycle Route

The nicest trip leading from the Weser Hills to the North Sea.

Weser-Cycle Route: 510 km, Hann. Münden – North Sea (Butjadingen or Cuxhaven)

The Weser Cycle Route is one of the most attractive cycle routes in Germany. You will find peacefulness and relaxation in a diverse landscape, health-conscious and actively plan your leisure time and at the same time have fun! Per bicycle along the River Weser from Hann. Münden to the mouth of the North Sea – what can you expect along the 500 kilometer long trip?

Mainly off-road routes, which can be easily cycled almost without hills the cycle tourist will find a diverse landscape with castles and fairy tale figures. The experiences range from the romantic of the Weser renaissance to the big ocean liners in Bremerhaven. Look forward to one of the most diverse and culture-filled river landscapes in Europe!

The diversity of the River Weser landscape can not be topped: starting at the meeting point of the rivers Werra and Fulda in Hann. Münden the Weser Cycle Route leads you along the Weser River through the Weser Hills with its’ soft hills to the city of Minden. Then you travel together with the Weser River into the North German Plain through lowlands with Geest and Marsh. For the stops in between you should allow time for the cities with their attractive timbered houses, the well-preserved historic city centers and the many cultural highlights.

Please also note the construction site information www.bremerhaven.de/baustellen

Attention: Due to the spearing of the swing bridge, cycling through the Überseehäfen is currently not possible! We recommend all cyclists in the Lohmannstraße to turn right into the Schleusenstraße, then left on the Barkhausenstraße to the customs gate Roter Sand and continue via the Franziussstraße and Brückenstraße to the intersection Am Erzhafen.

The largest city on the River Weser, the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, is reached after a trip of approx. 350 km. You can feel the closeness of the North Sea in this harbor city. After this you will travel to the North mainly sheltered by the dykes. And finally you will reach the Seaside City of Bremerhaven and the attractive coastal vacation regions at the mouth of the River Weser and the North Sea.

The Weser Cycle Route is considered on of the best cycle routes in Europe! Surveys conducted by the German Bicycle Club (ADFC) claim the Weser Cycle Route as Germany’s most favorite cycle route.
We wish you lots of fun, lasting impressions, relaxation and most of all good weather conditions while traveling along the River Weser!

- active relaxation in the great outdoors
- encounters with fairy tales and legends
- seafaring and harbors true to life
- ideal for group trips and meeting new people
- from the Weser Hills to the North Sea
- the adventure of following a river from its’ source to the mouth of the North Sea
- magical towns with historic city centers
- good for your health and fitness
- diverse landscape without stress and hectic

You can see the route here.

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